Layens Frame Building Jig

This is a simple jig I made to speed up the assembly of the Layens frames.

This photo shows the basic layout.  The upper left corner is for the upper left corner of a frame.


This photo shows the top bar installed into the jig.

Here I've inserted the side bars and the lower top bar, leaving only the bottom open. Apply glue to the top end of the side bars and to the ends and top side of the lower top bar. The jig is tight enough that the little hammer is to make sure everything is in and aligned.  Once these are in place, use the pnuematic stapler to staple the pieces together.  The staples also take the place of clamps.

Finally, put in the half size bottom bar, gluing and stapling each end.

Once the bottom piece is in place you can remove the completed frame, set it aside and later add the comb line and the nylon cross and horizontal ties.